The 'pool table' grew out of the pond table. I was working with a chap on his beach cottage in the Western Isles and showed him pictures of it, he passed them on to his wife who insisted that they should have one like it, but with sea life.


I soon formed an idea of where to go with the legs but had no plan for the top… only when I'd found the perfect slab of elm, in a small estate sawmill in Fife, could the design emerge.


There were no preliminary sketches, the forms were drawn directly onto the wood  guided by the pattern in the grain. I always take pains to be accurate, but in this case it was especially important the owner of the table is a vet and an accomplished sea angler, and lives on the coast… he knows exactly what marine creatures looks like.

In progress


Using over 700 photographs, painstakingly captured, this short video condenses 2 months of intensive carving and figurative sculpture in solid Scottish elm into less than 30 seconds.

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