If you take a boat to the Isle of Mull and then keep heading out to the Atlantic, you'll meet the Isle of Coll – one of Scotland's best-kept secrets.


I've had the pleasure of working there and taking my family to visit regularly for over 30 years. Although not strictly islanders, we do think of ourselves as part Collach, so I felt honoured when I was invited to design and build the reception desk and the bar for the island's new community centre.

The boat-like structure of the piece reflects its connection to the sea and the frieze around the 'prow' is a tour of the island's iconic features, chosen by the islanders themselves, knitted together into a pictorial map by a local artist and then carved by me in ash.

Princess Anne loved it (at the opening), told me it was worth coming all the way to Coll just to see it!

And carved on the front of the bar?

Slàinte mhath. Slàinte mhòr agad – of course. Cheers!


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