I’ve done quite a lot of work in the scenic village of Stenton in East Lothian, and after designing and building a fitted study in one particular house, was asked by the client if I would redevelop the kitchen and dining room.


I was to include a special dresser that they would one day pass on to their daughter as an ‘heirloom’. The finished dresser features their home and the village street outside the front door and even shows the family sitting on the park bench across the way. If you look carefully, you’ll see the mother’s remarkably well trained spaniels lying obediently in the vennel opposite, safe from passing traffic.


The door & drawer handles, bronzed boat cleats, are a reference to the father’s work… mostly at sea, and the date that I etched into the handmade glass is of the year the piece was made and by extraordinary coincidence, also the initials of the daughter’s name and the age she was at the time.

1900mm wide and 2100mm high made from European Oak with handmade glass and bronzed hardware.

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